Return conditions BModesto B.V.

  1. Goods are only taken back if there is a problem caused by BModesto B.V. Problems that can occur are incorrectly delivered items, over-delivered items, broken or damaged items or due to a recall.
  2. The goods can only be returned if they have an “ACTIVE” status in the national verification system (NMVS). If products have been deregistered, they can be registered again by the customer within a maximum of 10 days. This is only possible in the NMVS and only at the location where the cancellation took place.
  3. The returned goods must be reported as a return by telephone or e-mail to the Internal Sales Department of BModesto B.V. within five working days after delivery.
  4. Returns will only be processed if the GDP Return Statement provided is returned fully completed and signed by the pharmacist/QP/RP within five working days.
  5. After receiving the GDP Return Statement, BModesto B.V. will start collecting the goods to be returned.
  6. The returned goods must be stored in original, unopened and undamaged packaging and under the correct (storage) conditions.
  7. The returned goods must not have left the pharmacy, hospital or wholesaler between the time of receipt and return.
  8. Temperature data are required when refrigerated return goods are returned. This could be used to demonstrate that the refrigerated products have been kept at the correct temperature during storage at the customer.
  9. Return goods that have not been announced and/or have not been returned in accordance with these terms and conditions will be returned by BModesto B.V. not credited.
  10. Submitting a return does not release the customer from its payment obligations towards BModesto B.V.
  11. If you have any questions, please contact the Internal Sales Department on 0320-216387 or email