Our story

A brief history: we founded BModesto in 2014. Started with a small team in a small office. It has since grown into an organization with various companies active in the healthcare market. We have built a new building that is fully equipped. We moved in at the beginning of 2019. A place that enables us to guarantee our high quality even better. And a place where we enjoy working. Due to continued growth, we added an extra location in 2021. The BModesto Group is part of the Uniphar Group since 2022. Together we work to improve the care and well-being of our loved ones.


Founding of BModesto B.V.

On January 20, 2014, owner Michael Hendriks establishes the parallel import company BModesto in Lelystad.



Move into business premises Artemisweg

BModesto moves into the business premises on the Artemisweg in Lelystad.



Founding of BMclinical B.V

Sister company BMclinical is founded. BMclinical focuses on sourcing and supplying commercial drugs for use in clinical studies.

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Move into new business premises Minervaweg

Due to the enormous growth of the organization, there is a need for a new business premises. In February, the employees of BModesto and BMclinical will move into a brand new, state-of-the-art business premises.



Founding BMmedical B.V.

With BMmedical, a second sister company is added to the organization. BMmedical focuses on the import and export of medical devices and OTC.

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BModesto becomes trademark holder of Cyress barnidipine 10/20mg

In line with BModesto’s ambition to be more broadly active in the healthcare market, BModesto brings back Cyress barnidipine as a single source product in The Netherlands.



Founding BModesto Group

The BModesto Group is established in 2021 as an umbrella brand for the companies BModesto, BMclinical and BMmedical.

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Addition of business premises Niels Bohrweg

Due to the continued growth of the BModesto Group, the building on Minervaweg is becoming too small and part of the office staff is moving to an extra location on Niels Bohrweg.


SynCo pharma and Doncaster Pharma part of BModesto Group

This year SynCo pharma, focusing on the German market and Doncaster Pharma, aimed at the UK market were added to the BModesto Group.



Ireland-based Uniphar Group acquires the BModesto Group. This means BModesto (as a subsidiary) will become property of the Uniphar Group.

our method

As a customer you want a good product for a competitive price and you want to work with partners you trust. At BModesto, we work every day to earn and maintain that trust. How? By doing what we promise and knowing what we are talking about. Most team members have been involved in this world for a while. They have a lot of experience. Contacts with customers and suppliers therefore run smoothly. As a result, we have built up a large international network that is still growing. That is why we are able to offer the best products at the best conditions. Day after day.

This is how we work on our mission: optimal availability of high-quality medicines at the lowest possible price.


Who are the people behind BModesto? Our enthusiastic colleagues commit themselves every day to ensure that pharmacies, outpatient pharmacies, hospitals and wholesalers are provided with the right resources, at the best rates.

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Michael Hendriks

Director BModesto Group

Nando van de Streek
Nando van de Streek

Director International Development

Patrick Groeneveld
Patrick Groeneveld

Manager Sales & Purchase

Sara Rodrigues

Business Lead Unlicensed Medicines

Mischa Moehring - bmodesto
Mischa Moehring

Team Lead International Trade

Veron Lens

International Purchase Manager

Tom Boelhouwers - bmodesto
Tom Boelhouwers

International Purchase Manager

May Kamphuis

Junior International Purchase Manager

Max Middel

International Trade Manager

Saskia Bentvelzen

Supply Chain Planner

BModesto’s ‘Misfits’: Damaged packaging of which the primary packaging is of course undamaged.

corporate social responsibility

As part of the BModesto Group, we work hard every day to contribute to improving the availability, accessibility, & affordability of global healthcare resources. We do this by realising optimal availability of high-quality medicines for the best possible price. In addition, we see it as our task to make a contribution to society. We do this, among other things, by setting up sustainable initiatives, supporting charities and stimulating (local) employment.