Published on 16 January 2020

The BKL Trophy was awarded in Lelystad on Saturday evening. The trophy is awarded to a company that means a lot to the city. BModesto was next to Niekamp B.V. and Daklapack B.V. nominated. The latter was declared the winner by the jury. Are we disappointed? On the contrary! We were already pleasantly surprised and very proud of the nomination.

A feeling that also prevails after the ceremony. Proud of BModesto and above all proud of our team. Lelystad has BModesto on the retina and vice versa. Lelystad and BModesto need each other. The vast majority of our people come from here, which is one of the reasons why we are a serious employer for the provincial capital. Within just a few years, we motivated dozens of fellow citizens to join us. People who enable us to grow, deliver quality and optimally serve our customers every day. We are grateful to them and we are proud of them. The nomination for the BKL is a good result of this and the entire team is due.