Published on 7 November 2018

BModesto has been named by the Financieel Dagblad as one of the winners of the FD Gazellen award in the region of Western Netherlands (North Holland, South Holland and Flevoland). The prize is awarded to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. The Lelystad company received the prize on November 6 in Haarlem. To be considered for the prestigious entrepreneurial award, the jury looks at turnover growth, financial health, profitability and growth in the number of employees. In December, BModesto will compete for the Dutch title, together with the winners from the other three regions.

BModesto is currently building a new building on the Zuiderpark business park, between the A6 and the Lage Vaart. The reason: the company, founded in 2014, now has more than 60 employees and is still growing strongly every year. As a result, the current building on Artemisweg is already too small. Owners Roy van Voorst and Michael Hendriks see the Award as recognition of their entrepreneurship. Van Voorst: “As a relatively new player in the parallel market for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, BModesto is experiencing stormy growth, both nationally and internationally. It confirms that we are on the right course and hard work is rewarded. You cannot achieve this alone. We see the FD Gazellen Award as a great compliment for our entire team!”

BModesto supplies medicines to hospitals and pharmacies. They specialize in the so-called parallel import, whereby products are purchased abroad and are further developed and marketed according to Dutch standards, such as the addition of Dutch information leaflets and labels.