Published on 20 December 2018

Pharmaceutical wholesaler opens new building on Minervaweg

Only five months after the first pile was driven into the ground, BModesto’s new premises are ready. Alderman Sparreboom had the honor of opening it. The 70 employees of the pharmaceutical wholesaler will move into the building in the coming weeks. The 3000m2 building on the Minervaweg is not to be missed. If you enter Lelystad from the A6 on the Larserdreef, you will see it immediately on the left.

Calling card for Lelystad

BModesto is not only the business card of Lelystad in terms of location of the building. The entrepreneurship of directors Roy van Voorst and Michael Hendriks is also regularly cited by the municipality as an example to interest new companies in establishing themselves in the city. “It is a strong company with entrepreneurs who show that you can get along very well in and with Lelystad. They provide employment and have an eye for their employees”, says alderman Sparreboom.

“Our team makes the difference”

No expense was spared for those employees in the building. It is spacious, the latest climate control has been installed and the windows and daylight lamps provide plenty of light. They are just a few examples. Van Voorst: “We are good for our employees. Our team is what sets us apart and makes BModesto a strong company. We are a family business, also in how we treat our people.”

Speed ​​of construction construction

Hendriks and Van Voorst are still somewhat stunned by the speed with which the building has been erected. Van Voorst: “Big house construction group promised us in July that before Christmas we would still be somewhat stunned by the speed with which the building was erected from the ground. Van Voorst: “Bighuis construction group promised us in July that we could open the new building before Christmas. Then the piles still had to go into the ground! Michael and I did not expect that we are here now.” Despite the pace of construction, the quality was never compromised, according to the contractor. Claudi Groothuis, general manager at the construction company: “That is because of our team and our experience. We think along from the start and do a lot of preparatory work at the office. Nevertheless, such a development and construction process in Lelystad is always easy, thanks to the pleasant and constructive cooperation with the people involved from the municipality of Lelystad. A lot is possible and everyone is on the ball and wants to achieve a common goal, so that you quickly achieve results.”


BModesto found a partner in the construction group who could keep up with the pace at which the organization itself is growing. Since its founding in 2014, BModesto has grown significantly every year in terms of both employees and turnover. More than 70 people now work there. Just a month ago, the company received the FD Gazellen award for fastest growing company in the Netherlands from the Financieel Dagblad.

Strict quality requirements

BModesto supplies pharmaceuticals to wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals. These medicines are purchased in other EU countries and selected with the greatest possible care and transported to Lelystad. A team will work there to repackage the medicine and provide it with a Dutch package leaflet. Because it concerns medicines, the quality requirements are particularly strict. The new building therefore contains the latest technology with which BModesto guarantees quality.